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square stance

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Guide to basic techniques 4

Freestyle Side Kick
Power is sacrificed for versatility in this case and target can be made at a much greater
range of distances. For a hip-high techniques, the foot follows a path perpedicular to the
body (parallel to the floor).

Main variation from the classical side kick:

1. Contact is usually with the flat of the foot.
2. No hip rotation is needed (except perhaps to aid with kicking higher).
3. The kick is usually delivered from the forward leg.

Crescent Kicks
1. Tragectories of the feet follow roughly a semi-circular path (crescent).
2. Striking weapons are inside (arch) or outside edge of the foot.

Inside, spinning outside cresecent kick sequence.

Back of Fist Strikes
1. Strike with first two knuckles or hammer fist.
2. Care should be taken so as not to strike with the top of the hand (metacarpals).

downward, side (horizontal), glancing/hammer back-of-fist sequence.

Inside Chest Block
1. Very similar to glancing/hammer back-of-fist but at a lower height.
2. Use hips to make this this a very strong blocking technique.

Elbow Strikes
1. Strike with elbow or forearm.
2. Use body weight to apply power.

'Round' elbow strike
'Upper' elbow strike

Kata No.3

movie of kata No. 3
webpage - written technique guide to kata No. 3
download handout 07 - written technique guide to kata No. 3

Freestyle (sparring)

See: Guide to Goya-Ra-Ru Competitive Freestyle

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